ALBUM REVIEW: Prequelle – Ghost

Now that we’ve had some time to digest and gather our thoughts on Prequelle, the fourth studio album by the Swedish band Ghost, here is our song by song review of the album!



Alex: Ghost picked a really creepy way to start of Album Title, and I love it. The album starts off with the voice of a little girl singing the classic tune, “Ring Around The Rosie.” If you remember from history class, you’ll know this little song is historically tied to the Black Plague, which became an epidemic due to how quickly it spread through rats living in medieval cities throughout Europe. So, if you put two and two together, Ashes is a great set up for the band’s first single, “Rats.”

Casey: Ugh just love the intro. Every time.


Alex: “Rats” is Ghost’s first album from Prequelle and it certainly is one of my favorites from album. It’s a grand way to start Cardinal Copia off on the right foot for this album.



Alex: The song starts so BIG with the guitar licks going and then gets really heavy. It’s a nice mix of heavy but light at the same time. The outro with the organ playing the melody to the chorus is cool. “Faith” is a classic Ghost song.

Casey: THE INTRO TO FAITH. Yesssssss. Tobias is a freaking genius.


See The Light

Alex: What I like about this album so far. Is Ghost’s ability to create an authentic feel of church feel within the music. They tackled this more on this album than I think on any of their previous works including Meloria. I’ve also really enjoyed how Tobias has progressed the story of each Papa Emeritus and now Cardinal Copia. It’s a compelling part of their showmanship that will keep me going to their shows for years to come! They’ve even visualized the

To get back on topic, “See The Light” is a solid song on the album, but it doesn’t particularly stand out to me as one of the best songs on the album.

Casey: Not a big fan of “See The Light.” It’s pretty, but meh. I don’t know. “See The Light”  just isn’t as moving for me like the other ones are.



Alex: Despite being an instrumental, I really enjoyed Miasma. It’s filled with so many different sounds, both familiar and new. I think there’s a lot of influence pulled from Rush on this album. The synths are bold, and the saxophone solo is sexy as hell! It also ends Side 1 on a bold note and I really enjoy what Ghost has done with the album so far.

Casey: Damn, the sax is awesome. Like this song by itself is a musical experience.


Dance Macabre

Alex: I really like “Dance Macabre.” It gives me a goth vibe, but in a 80s new wave goth kind of way. It’s a little more pop for Ghost, but it’s a fun song and it gets the crowd moving in a different way than most of their songs during their shows.

Casey: “Dance Macabre” is giving me 80s vibes. I feel like it belongs in a self-discovery or scene in a movie where someone is pushing themselves farther than before or someone in their room who is has a major crush on someone and you just see how bad their obsession is lol.


Pro Memoria

Alex: I’m pretty sure this is my favorite song from the album. It’s a beautifully written ballad, which Ghost has definitely really developed over the past couple albums. Tobias definitely concentrated on the storytelling aspect of the lyrics and it’s very apparent in “Pro Memoria.” We’ll get more into the lyrics in another blog, but he hit a homerun with “Pro Memoria” in my opinion.

Casey: In “Pro Memoria,” I feel like he’s speaking to a group that he’s trying to brainwash. Almost as a last speech before a battle, like low key threatening. OK, so it’s like he’s threatening those who disobey him, but like sweetly. It’s like ‘have a great day, but don’t forget you can die!’


Witch Image

Alex: “Witch Image” is another song on this album where I get some Rush instrumental influences throughout the verses. Although, nothing really stands out to me making it a special song, it’s just another strong Ghost song. However, I think it compliments “Pro Memoria” and “Helvetesfönster.”



Alex: Although “Helvetersfönster” is an instrumental, it could be one of the best composed tracks on the album and perfectly sets up the final track of the album. If it was still a thing, I honestly wouldn’t have been surprised if this song was nominated for “Best Rock Instrumental” at the Grammys.

Casey: OMG this “Helvetersfönster” is great!


Life Eternal

Alex: Another beautiful introduction to a large sounding song, featuring the Cardinal’s vocals and a choir. The song builds and builds throughout the entire duration and creates an amazing, grandeur ending to an excellent album.



Prequelle is the Ghost album that is so familiar, yet different. From a musical perspective, it’s not as hard as their previous albums, but I believe it’s a huge creative step forward, especially when it comes to the development of Tobias’ characters throughout the band’s existence. In my opinion, Prequelle is a make or break album for Ghost. If the band sees the same fan response and success as they did with Meloria, the possibilities for larger shows in larger venues will be imminent.

If you’re interested in a breakdown of the lyrics from Prequelle, we’ll be coming out with a full analysis soon!

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